What We Do

Investment In Energy & Power

We operate as an intermediary in the wholesale energy & commodities products facilitating a link between producers and end users. This service is based fundamentally on connecting clients through our wholesale proprietary networks.
We are constantly developing and operating our proprietary networks and have successfully built a business providing value with added services for our clients and then charging them when they complete their transactions while utilizing our proprietary networks.

Investment In Real Estate

Royal Coast Holdings is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of multifamily and commercial properties throughout the Globe. RCH is directed by a team of dedicated senior real estate professionals whose experience in the business averages around 34 years, and who, collectively, have acquired over $30 billion in investment real estate projects. 

Investment In Infrastructure

RCH is helping to develop the physical and social infrastructure required to underpin a structured and rapidly evolving society. Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the our economy. The sector is highly responsible for overall development and enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. Infrastructure sector includes power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure development.

Investment In Health & Care

RCH is helping to address the region’s most pressing healthcare needs through the creation of specialist, world-class healthcare facilities, building regional capability and stimulating the overall development of the sector. The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.

We have a long history of advising health care clients on matters of corporate governance, organizational structure and strategic direction. Our work in this area includes structuring governing body and governance relationships – of either a corporate or a contractual nature – that function as required.

Investment In Natural Resources

Royal Coast team is one of the industry’s acknowledged specialists. The highly-skilled team has a wealth of experience and significant research capabilities. The Natural Resources team focuses on direct private investments in the oil and gas, power and renewables, and metals and mining industries. The team invests directly in companies, strategic partnerships and direct resource interests with an investment size of $500 million or more. Driven by the core values of safety, social, environmental and capital stewardship, RCH’ employees endeavor to provide all stakeholders operating and financial transparency.

RCH offers experienced guidance for clients investing in natural resources globally, providing counsel on direct investments in natural resources assets, fund organization and operations, structuring relationships with natural resources managers, investments in funds focused on natural resources, and tax structuring.